From the depths of Dante’s First Circle comes the demonic duo aptly named, Bad News. The cross-geographical pair, Sarah Bernat and Alex Lukas weld industrial hymns out of gritted synth tones, mutilated samples and darkly protracted guitars. Working within limitations, the two have an affinity for hardware, dead-panned vox and loaded, unpredictable live performances.  Bad News has proved their penchant for unsavory frequencies, achieved with artful brutality and control of their uniquely industrial sound.

Marked by an early acceptance of improvisation and loose composition during the inception of the project, the Bad News recordings also wink at you with intricate, clever sequencing. With icy vocal deliveries and swollen frequencies often boiling over into the abyss, there’s plenty of atmosphere here to leave you forgetting where you are and that it’s actually music you’re listening to and not your death rattle.

In November 2012, Bad News released a cassette called No End on established Los Angeles label Chondritic Sound. On “Typical Illusion” and “Bath Salts” wet textured waves of noise scrape across urgent percussive intervals invoking a serious void, a new place for hyphenated genres to die and new ideas about historical combinations of sound to grow and mutate.

No End has been reissued on vinyl in July 2013. The duo also has a 7″ featuring all new material due in August out on San Francisco’s Sleep Genius.