Formed in the Spring of 2012, Arizona’s Body of Light are a relatively new creative force in the modern synth scene, only now becoming understood. From the archaic drones of their first releases, to a more realized psych soundtrack of their Sonoran Desert home, the duo has now come to finish their fifth release, “Volontà di Amore”. Having worked together in previous projects such as Otro Mundo, Blue Krishna, Youth Grip, Boys Ov Paradise, and Astral Deeps (among the few), whilst unveiling over a dozen visual, audio, and written works via the Ascetic House Collective, the two brothers, Alex and Andrew Jarson are no strangers to experimentation within the upcoming music scene. Body of Light is simply one extension of such.

Hesitant to define themselves strictly as a synth-pop act, the Jarson brothers incorporate a wide variety of sounds—they are attempting to construct a path, unique with decaying, warbled tape loops, old VHS home-movie sound samples from their childhood, and cold lyrics buried in chorus and delay. Their idea is to utilize past and present technologies in a way that feels unique, new, and more importantly, honest. While their fourth release, “Wayside City”, offers an escape from a metropolitan wasteland, “Volontà di Amore” moves past their surroundings, reinterpreting the idea of love, beauty and romance; it is a yearning for an old ideal lost in an increasingly modern world.

Since recently returning from their U.S. tour with Sacred Bones’ Pharmakon, Lust for Youth, and Posh Isolation’s Puce Mary, and having toured Europe prior with Marshstepper, Body of Light have finished their fifth release, this time with Chondritic Sound. Their live shows are drowned in thick fog, dim lights pierce the veil. The fourth wall is cut in half, and a Bowie-esque masquerade ensues. There’s a very real connection between the audience and the work of art itself. “It’s a question of identity, of vanity, and I think ultimately it is a beacon of hope, that we may someday become selfless, that we can eradicate the characters we have adopted and realize our true selves.”

Body of Light’s fifth release, “Volontà di Amore” will be available in August via Chondritic Sound.