Shredded Nerve is the solo noise project of Justin Lakes, formed in mid-2012 and based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Shredded Nerve began to take root after the dissolution/transformation of previous projects. Focusing primarily on layers and composition utilizing mostly tape loops along with junk metal, static and basic synthesizer drones.


Shredded Nerve‘s debut Failing to Maintain 2xCS boxset came out on Chondritic Sound in January 2014. April 2014 saw the release of the Retention 7″ on Torn Light and shortly after, the Hanging in the Balance CS was released through Chondritic Sound.

Up next, Shredded Nerve’s first full-length LP “In the Shadow of What Never Was” will be released on Chondritic in Spring of 2016, with art by John Pyle and mastering by Matt Ibarra. It is the culmination of the first phase of Justin’s work in this project, juxtaposing delicate beauty with a special brand of crude harshness and obtuse composition, treading new & hidden paths in the same forest as Chondritic alums Aaron Dilloway, Jason Lescalleet, Darksmith and Sewer Election. It is the definitive Shredded Nerve document, and one all fans of modern musique concrète should familiarize themselves with.