[CH-262] Crowhurst – Aghoree C62

Los Angeles-based Crowhurst’s first release for the label, a noisy slew of drone and industrial soundscapes. Use of synth, electronics and vocals is obvious at first, but flute and guitar are also worked into the mix for a strange psychedelic bend.

Jay Gambit – Production, Electronics
Sam Grinsell – Flute (#2), Guitar (#5)
Quentin Rhys – Pedals(#5)
Neven M. Agalma – Synth (#5 #7)
Corey Fruin – Electric Death (#6)
Ben Pachter – Silvertone guitar, vibrato’d bass (#6)
Maddie Besser – Flute (#6)
Johann C – Analog Synth (#7)

Double-sided color artwork on color paper, painted & labelled cassettes. Edition of 100 copies.