[CH-282] Sleep Clinic – A Chance, A Curse 2xC47 + booklet


Debut release from this project, one of the many that Jeff Swearengin has his hands in. I met Jeff at Show Cave (RIP) shortly after I moved to LA and we drank many a beer over our love of industrial music. My first exposure to his work was a trio of pieces he made in the wake of Peter Christopherson’s passing and I was captivated at first listen. This release has been a long time in the works, the base tracks recorded before we met and re-worked over the past few years. “A Chance, A Curse” is over an hour and a half of dark, involved and enveloping drone music. Seamlessly blending the use of analog and digital technology to create atmospheres which evoke emotion without the use of melody.

Double cassette in 5″ box with 8pg booklet.