[CH-283] Siobhan – Omega Stamp C32


Hailing from the ruts and ruins of America’s failed city of Industry, Siobhan’s brand of rhythmic techno/industrial has more in common with the present decay and decline in Detroit than it does with the genre’s innovators which the city is best known for. Play is pressed and the lights dim as machined beats get smeared across the concrete with off-kilter loops by a cacophony of hum and his. Siobhan’s Travis Galloway has crafted motorik musik as dismal and grimy as it is inspiring. After essential releases on conspirator Nostilevo and his own All Gone Tapes imprint, Chondritic is proud to present to you: OMEGA STAMP.

Edition of 100 copies. Double-sided color artwork on color paper, painted and labelled 32 minute cassette.